41 Ideas Funny Texts Messages Bff Best Friends


41 Ideas Funny Texts Messages Bff Best Friends #funny


  1. Posted by elise____, — Reply

    the only reason I bring my phone in the shower is so that if I see a bug I can text someone so they can come kill it for me but when im home alone im screwed

  2. Posted by josephineAnnmarie8, — Reply

    Who actually uses their phone in the shower?! Just use it again after the shower? It will be like 15 minutes max without your phone?

  3. Posted by rhianna_mullins, — Reply

    Ok but who doesn’t use their phone in the shower AND who actually just washes and gets out. I have like a whole party in the shower

  4. Posted by happyhappyhappy_, — Reply

    hi everyone! if you have a minute, i would appreciate it if you would check out my account. tysm! 💞

  5. Posted by janetmaekelley, — Reply

    It’s sad that people can’t even be away from their phones in the shower.

  6. Posted by summerbaby1010, — Reply

    I just bring my phone in the shower to check the time so I'm not late for school smh

  7. Posted by mshawley04, — Reply

    Why do they have their phone in the shower??

  8. Posted by millie_12, — Reply

    How do u not get ur phone wet in the shower???

  9. Posted by mxcashton, — Reply

    That’s so me 😂

  10. Posted by RaigenEllie_, — Reply

    Get one of those waterproof cases

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