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“day&night @BTS_twt”


  1. Posted by sid_silver, — Reply

    They see you when you're sleeping~ They know what you're awake~ They know if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake! Ooooo~

  2. Posted by Jimin_you_got_a_lot_of_jams, — Reply

    Ok can we talk about how cute jiminie looks?? He's like, a smol child trying to sneak into a fridge finding ice cream 🤧😔😣😍💜💜

  3. Posted by minjungkook64, — Reply

    Imagine BTS watching u while sleeping but little did they know..u were crying because u miss BTS😂😅😭

  4. Posted by Kanika101104, — Reply

    If I see them peeping through my window at night. Imma freak out and die.

  5. Posted by vivacephoenix28, — Reply

    Imagine waking up to that in your window. XD

  6. Posted by sid_silver, — Reply

    Jungkooks wide eyes-

  7. Posted by cyper__taw, — Reply

    Don't know why am I crying after reading these comments

  8. Posted by biggs1660, — Reply

    That feeling when you see something outside 😋😂

  9. Posted by chimchimtrashyt, — Reply

    Them looking back at my life chocies

  10. Posted by springday100, — Reply

    Stream Dynamite we're close to 100 million💜

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